Duck Breeds

When deciding on which breed of duck you would like to raise, there are twomain types to consider. Ornamental ducks are ducks kept for the pleasure ofkeeping waterfowl. Their striking plumage and amusing behavior are theirprimary benefits for humans, and generally, they do not make good meat or eggproducers. Utility, or commercial, ducks have been … Read more

History of Ducks and Geese

Ducks are closely related to swans and geese; in fact, biologists have haddifficulty classifying the three species into different categories. The three speciesbelong to the biological family Anatidae, meaning birds that swim, float on thesurface of the water, and (in some birds) dive in water for food. For the mostpart, the birds in this group … Read more

Chickens and People

What came first: the chicken or the egg? There are several theories. Somescientists agree on the theory that chicken eggs developed as dinosaurs evolvedinto birds, thus reptile eggs came first. Others believe the chicken came firstbased on a protein found in both eggs and chickens. But whatever the case,chickens originated in India and Thailand from … Read more


Candle or candling: Taking an egg and holding it in front of a brightlight in a dark room to see the development of the embryo inside theeggCape: The area of feathers between the shoulders and neck on achickenCapon: A castrated roosterChalazae: The two coils that hold the yolk in place inside of an eggChicks: Baby … Read more

History of Rabbits and People

The domestic rabbits we have today are all descendants of the wild Europeanrabbit. The wild European rabbit (Oryctolagus) began developing some 6.5million years ago and developed in Europe’s Iberian Peninsula. By 12,000 yearsago, humans were hunting rabbits as a source of food. The Phoenicians referredto rabbits in the Iberian Peninsula about 1000 BC. Rabbit domestication … Read more

Getting a Healthy Start

Welcome to the wonderful world of making solid food for your baby!Whether you’re planning ahead or eager to start making puréestomorrow, get ready for countless messy, surprising, rewarding, frustrating, andhilarious experiences. Eating and sleeping are two of parents’ greatestpreoccupations during the first year of their baby’s life. While your child’s sleepis largely out of your … Read more

Types of Animals Covered

In The Complete Beginner’s Guide To Raising Small Animals, we will cover allof the animals you might be interested in raising on a farm, from keeping a fewrabbits or chickens to taking on some cattle to raise for their meat or milk. It ispossible to keep some of these animals in your backyard as long … Read more